April 2, 2009

Twitter Film Festival

I'm in a film class at Duke, and we're hosting the Twitter Film Festival this weekend. I don't exactly know what it entails. From what I gathered in class today, we're going to "twitt" something thoughtful and clever about a movie clip. We've organized the movies into genres, and they range from the Lion King to Touch of Evil. I'm going to "twitt" on Memento. Again, I'm not sure what the final product will look like, but it could be interesting. If you're on Twitter, just follow TwitFilmFestival. I'm gonna need your support! Thanks guys.

Article about the festival.


  1. What's twitter?

  2. it's a way to keep track of what people are doing...kind of like Facebook status updates...this is my page for example: http://twitter.com/JoeyMagidson

  3. Thanks for posting this Keith! There is a Twitter Film Festival Event site on Facebook. Check it out for more details.