May 16, 2009

It's almost halfway through the year already...what's your favorite film of the year so far?

Consider this essentially the "Best of the First Third of the Year" list, more or less...there probably will be another one at the end of the summer, before the Oscar season kicks into gear, and then the "official" one at the end of the year. My top 5 of the year so far are:
1. Adventureland
2. Star Trek
3. I Love You, Man
4. Watchmen
5. Two Lovers
-I'm sure people have other choices, so let me know...what are your favorite films of the year so far?


  1. "Observe and Report" is the number one so far for me, as its the only film I've seen so far that I give a ***1/2 to. (Sadly, I haven't seen no **** ones yet...)

  2. 1. Los abrazos rotos
    2. La Verg├╝enza
    3. Star Trek
    4. The Young Victoria
    5. State of Play

  3. Watchmen


  4. I love you man
    Taken (I had too much fun not to mention it)

    I still haven't seen Sin Nombre, State of Play or Tyson

    So far, this year has been mediocre.

    Sugar was incredible, and I love you man was one fo the funniest movies I have ever seen.

    My summer catches: Funny People, and 500 Days fo Summer


  5. 1. State of Play
    2. Adventureland
    3. Watchmen
    4. Duplicity
    5. I Love You, Man

  6. 1. Watchmen
    2. I Love You Man
    3. Duplicity
    4. Star Trek
    5. Taken

  7. 1. Sugar
    2. Two Lovers
    3. Observe and Report
    4. Tyson
    5. Adventureland

  8. for me it'd be:
    1. Star Trek
    2. Duplicity
    3. Adventureland
    4. Sugar
    5. I Love You, Man

  9. Watchmen, seriously?

  10. it was between Watchmen, Two Lovers, Tyson, and Duplicity for the last two slots...I picked Watchmen because it had more done right than wrong, and on its own was entertaining, and Two Lovers because it was just a really lovely film (my review is mistakenly listed as 2's actually a 3 star review, but that's obvious when read)....Duplicity and Tyson just missed the cut

  11. 1) Star Trek
    2) Watchmen
    3) Taken
    4) Duplicity
    5) Adventureland


  12. Throw in my own two cents worth:
    1. I Love You, Man
    2. Sunshine Cleaning
    3. Last House on the Left
    4. Fanboys
    5. The Soloist

  13. 1.Adventureland
    2.Star Trek
    4.Observe and Report
    5.I Love You, Man

  14. Adventureland is the year's best so far.

  15. 1. The Informers
    2. The Limits of Control
    3. Anvil! The Story of Anvil
    4. Sugar
    5. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
    6. Gigantic
    7. Hunger
    8. Paris 36
    9. Two Lovers
    10. Lymelife
    Not really a fan of mainstream flicks, if you couldn't guess, but if nothing else, shows that indie cinema is alive and well...

  16. The Soloist was so overlooked...I hope people will not forget about it come Oscar season, but I fear it will go by the way of every other incredible Joe Wright movie that are all so underrated.

  17. I wouldn't get your hopes up too high Jordan...every review (including mine on the site) pretty much had the same critique...lack of story focus and a waste of 2 good performances...the script sank the project and dragged Joe Wright with it...not a bad film, but a disappointing one and it most likely will be a no show throughout the Oscar Season...we shall see though

  18. I've seen Up and it was spectacular.

    Coraline was great as well, as was Star Trek.

  19. 1. Two Lovers
    2. Adventureland
    3. Duplicity
    4. Taken
    5. Angels and Demons