May 20, 2009

Trouble from the jump with the King project

The great Joey reported that Spielberg is interested in producing (maybe directing) a MLK Jr. bio pic. Unfortunately, the children of Dr. King are threatening legal action against Dreamworks and Spielberg.

Here's what Bernice King stated:

This is a deal that Mr. Spielberg and his people ... have entered into believing that they have the blessing of the King Estate. They don't have the blessings of Bernice and Martin King.

I hate to see legal qualms thwart an interesting project. That's the nature of property rights, but it will suck if they can't get a MLK bio pic on the big screen.

p.s. I can see Eddie Murphy tackling this role. He's a versatile actor, and can nail the voice. I can't find a clip, but there's one scene in Distinguished Gentleman (terrible movie), where he mimics the voice of a civil rights leader. He sounds almost exactly like MLK. If he gains like 20 more pounds, which he probably won't do, then he might be a good choice.