May 13, 2009

Shutter Island Promotional Poster

Not much too say. Just excited that Leo and Scorsese are returning this fall. Hopefully we have another great one between the two. This got me thinking, what do you think is the best Scorsese/DiCaprio collaboration? I have to go with Gangs of New York. Daniel Day-Lewis made the movie for me, but the acting in general was solid, and I thought the story was phenomenal.


  1. I must pick The Departed, also Gangs and Aviator are not far behind.


  2. "The Departed". No question about it for me.

    I mean, "Gangs of New York" is a very good film, but it's nothing in comparison to either "The Departed" or "The Aviator".

    - Josh

  3. I personally loved them all, but the best one was "The Aviator".

    - Allen

  4. 1. The Departed
    2. Gangs of New York
    3. The Aviator

    All great movies.