May 28, 2009

We finally have the winners of the 2006 ACCA's!

Sorry for the delay, but it's been a vacation sort of week for us here at The Awards Circuit (I managed to keep the blog going so it wasn't a total blackout), but we now have the winners for you, so check them out here:
-There's plenty more to come for you, our beloved readers, including more reviews (I've recently seen The Girlfriend Experience), more years for the ACCA's, and perhaps some new and interactive additions to the site....keep reading to find out more!


  1. I really can't wait for the 2005 ACCA's. That was a truly magnificent year for films, and I am totally excited to revisit it.

  2. i'm just hoping there's continued variety

  3. I think 2005 was actually quite awful...the Best Picture nominees were...meh!

    And The Departed was the best of 2006? It was nice, but the ending was so below Scorcese's talent level.

  4. I think any year has its great films and misfires, so they are all a mixed bag

  5. I enjoy seeing what people besides me thought of a given year, but I don't really like to claim one year is better than another

  6. The categories are great, bad and somewhere in between. I just happen to fall into the first category regarding 2005 (when I look at my top ten that year compared to others, my smile is a little wider) but I certainly don't have major upsets with those who disagree, nor argue obsessively to try and convince them otherwise.

    Anyway, I'm still looking forward to the new ACCA voting.