May 16, 2009

Jerry Lewis returns to films!

From Variety:
In his first leading role in more than 25 years, Jerry Lewis will star in indie drama "Max Rose" for Lightstream Pictures.
Pic, to be directed by Daniel Noah from his own script, is set to go into production in Los Angeles this fall.
"Max Rose" centers on a widower who revisits key moments in his life to unlock the mysteries of his marriage and family.
"We're going to show an old man who is driven by love and optimism, and by his love for his young daughter," Lewis said.
Lewis last toplined in Martin Scorsese's 1983 film, "The King of Comedy," and he had supporting roles in 1994's "Arizona Dream" and 1995's "Funny Bones."
Lightstream is headed producer Lawrence Inglee and co-founder Paul Currie. Inglee's a former exec with Mark Gordon with producing credits including "The Day After Tomorrow" and upcoming drama "The Messenger" featuring Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson.
-FYC Jerry Lewis?


  1. seems like he could do a Peter O Toole

  2. it's a possibility

  3. we shall see, but it definitely could be buzz worthy if nothing else

  4. i'd see this if it's done well

  5. a telethon tie in maybe?

  6. loved The King of Comedy