May 18, 2009

We at The Awards Circuit give our thoughts on the year in film that was 2006!

Indeed, we each have our top 10 lists for 2006 up, in addition to Clay's complete awards for 2006. It certainly was no slouch of a year, and the top 10 lists can be seen on the Main Page here:
-As a bonus, here are my top 25 for the year 2006(essentially 15 more films to add to the top 10 that is exactly the same here as on the list on the Main Page):
1.The Fountain
2. United 93
3. The Departed
4. Half Nelson
5. Stranger Than Fiction
6. Bobby
7. Little Miss Sunshine
8. Clerks 2
9. Little Children
10. The Last Kiss
11. World Trade Center
12. Children of Men
13. Pan’s Labyrinth
14. Brick
15. Casino Royale
16. Hard Candy
17. Thank You For Smoking
18. V for Vendetta
19. Rocky Balboa
20. Superman Returns
21. Letters from Iwo Jima
22. SherryBaby
23. A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
24. Wristcutters: A Love Story
25. Click
-Feel free to post here with your thoughts on the year in film that was 2006...


  1. I thought it was an above average year, and my top 10 would be:
    1.The Departed
    2. Brick
    3. Casino Royale
    4. Letters from Iwo Jima
    5. The Prestige
    6. United 93
    7. Pan's Labyrinth
    8. Little Miss Sunshine
    9. The Illusionist
    10. Flags of our Fathers

    Best Picture to The Departed, Director to Scorsese, Actor to Ryan Gosling, Actress to Kate Winslet, Supporting Actor to Allan Arkin, Supporting Actress to Maria Bello, Original Screenplay to Little Miss Sunshine, and Adapted Screenplay to Little Children

  2. 1. Pan's Labryinth
    2. Little Children
    3. The Departed
    4. Children of Men
    5. The Prestige
    6. Hard Candy
    7. The Pursuit of Happyness
    8. The Queen
    9. United 93
    10. Little Miss Sunshine

  3. 1. Children of Men
    2. Borat
    3. The Departed
    4. The Good Shepherd
    5. An Inconvienent Truth
    6. Inland Empire
    7. Volver
    8. Cars
    9. District B13
    10. Dreamgirls

  4. my top 10 is the 10 films that deserved more notice:
    1. Half Nelson
    2. The Fountain
    3. Winter Passing
    4. Bubble
    5. The Matador
    6. A Prairie Home Companion
    7. Game 6
    8. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
    9. Brick
    10. Man Push Cart

  5. things I forgot to mention (essentially what would make my top 30) are:
    Game 6
    The Illusionist
    The Matador
    An Inconvienent Truth
    The Prestige

  6. Oh my...Superman Returns above Letters from Iwo Jima. Come on Joey, you should be ashamed!

  7. I know I'm one of Superman Returns' few defenders, but I loved it...Iwo Jima was good, but it didn't affect me the same way as other war movies sometimes it just a difference in preference...hey, it'd be boring if we all agreed all of the time!

  8. Very true...sorry for the calling you down on that one, it's just that Iwo Jima was my favorite film of that year (it's one of the most emotional experiences I've ever had watching a film) and Superman Returns was my worst of the year...all because it was so disappointing. I found it very dull and banal, actually.

  9. fair point, and it's all good man...I just enjoyed that it didn't solely have action on its's far from a perfect film though, I'll grant you that

  10. great list Joey!

  11. So... don't know if my taste is way off, or if everyone else completely forgot about a few of these:

    1. Little Children
    2. Little Miss Sunshine
    3. United 93
    4. Marie Antoinette
    5. Apocalypto
    6. Blood Diamond
    7. Children of Men
    8. Brick
    9. Casino Royale
    10. The Departed

    and I guess I wasn't the only one who didn't think Babel was anything special?