May 20, 2009

Here's that fourth clip from Inglorious Basterds...

...coming off of the three clips Keith posted earlier, and the immediate word out of the Cannes screening (those who love it, love it in a big way, those who don't seem to be saying it's another Death Proof, which will have it's niche, but not be a huge hit like Pulp Fiction) is this last clip, which makes me more excited for this film than anything else we've posted about Tarantino's flick yet:
-August can't come soon enough!


  1. that was awesome

  2. Holy shit! This film is going to be so incredible!

    God, the score from "Battle of Algiers" works so fucking well for that part...

    - Josh

  3. good call on The Battle of Algiers

  4. great clip. definitely sparked my interest more than the other three.

  5. loved it a lot