May 14, 2009

Peep out this short film by our very own Myles Hughes!

Not only is he a talented writer, a quick wit, and a good friend, but he's already a better director than Uwe Boll! Scope out his short film:
-What do you think? Post here and give him some feedback...


  1. Bloody hell Joey, didn't realize you'd planned on showing it off here. Haha, cheers mate.

  2. deal with it going direct to video (yes, I bashed Uwe Boll twice)

  3. I liked it. Maybe no song in the beginning? And the boyfriend seemed a little stiff, another than that, nice job!

  4. I liked it as well.

    --The story is interesting, and has a good pace to it. It's quite concise.
    --The lead actress is pretty good as well but...
    -- The lead actor didn't do that good of a job. I usually don't expect good acting when I'm watching these short films, but the fact that the lead actress did a really good job only made the lead actor look even weaker. The boyfriend just seemed robotic, and stiff. As if, funny enough, he was too high to even realize how big a deal the situation was.
    --I'm not a fan of the beginning scene. I like the music, but I just don't think I like the way how the scene (the party scene) is shot. It just feels messy, and it feels a bit too loose in it's movement. I think a more subtler approach, that made it clear who the leads were within the first five seconds, would of been better; or something to make them stand out at the party, so it felt like "these are the characters to focus on", other than them just kissing. Kissing at a coke party will not make you stand out, it's not anything that drastic, so I think something even more radical should of taken place between the two. IMO.
    --I also wasn't a fan of the sound byte transitioning. I'm talking about how the dialogue of the next scene would start near the end of the current scene, rather than just having a smoother transition. It just came off as awkward in some places, and a bit of a nuisance in other places.

    But overall, like I said, I liked it. I think you guys should consider showing more short films on the blog site. Maybe show some of your past work, or other friend's work that they may want feedback on. It's a nice change of pace. But anyway, good job Myles.

  5. Overall, a very strong short film. The actor who portrayed Calvin was extremely iffy. Leah as Nicole was very strong. The best part of the film was the acting of Myles as Gary. Exceptional. Wished there was more with the drug dealer, and wished the short film was longer... with more character development. However, you got a sense of what Gary was all about with only the few lines Myles had.

    I also did like the writing...


    Calvin (No emotion, very wooden): "Where's the rest of it....?"

    Nicole: "FUCK YOU!!!"

    Could've had some more dialogue before the whole screaming match.

    Grant... is just awful in this. Maybe he's a better actor in other shorts? The best of his performance is presented when he is acting along side Myles.

    Overall, very well made. Acting is quite questionable with only one actor. The direction and writing was great, and the lighting and cinematography is very commendable.

    Wonderful job Myles.

  6. Lack of imagination indeed. I don't mean to be offensive but this film as short as it might have been made no sense to me. The lead actress appears to be trying hard to disappear into a role that might fit her looks, but, in vain. The "fuck you" and the crying seemed quite affected. The lead actor's performance might be subtle but some of the dialogues were delivered too quick. The drug dealer was fine, spoke clearly and didn't acknowledge the presence of a camera. Screenplay didn't make any sense. Pinning responsibility for your own problem on someone with the same problem and expecting him to solve it both for you and himself is pretty juvenile. Direction wise I can say yeah it was okay, the shots, lighting everything were fine. I was unmoved by the film, could barely connect with it. The only part of the film that seemed professional to me was from "directed by myles." I'm a regular visitor of awardscircuit and I'm looking forward to your next short film but expect another honest review. **/*****

  7. Check this out guys. A short film which I felt was of a higher peg.

  8. Oh and I forgot to mention, the music was good. Very apt.

  9. Very dark themes Mr Hughes! Raw, gritty; though I think you were let down by budget and resources (couldn't quite see in some spots). I am a sucker for powerful dialogue, so I was wanting more. The essential thing is that when it was finished, I had feelings about it; it ellicited feelings in me and fostered thought. Well done!