May 14, 2009

LOST Season 5 Finale

Not quite movie related, but if anyone wants to chat about the season finale of LOST, I'll be more than welcome to talk about it. I've been a dedicated follower the last few years, and would love to bounce off ideas/interpretations of the show.


  1. The finale's first scene was quite something:

    Black and white, good vs. evil

    R.I.P. (you know who)

    love the picture you posted, everything's coming together

    I'm sure Lost will have a fitting and satisfying ending next year


  2. I agree. I thought the first scene was bloody brilliant. I still have a ton of questions, but a lot if makes some sense (or at least that's what I'm led to believe).

    I appreciate the Jacob/Esau storyline. Some people might think it's the easy explanation, but they've been provided us with hints throughout the five seasons. I'm intrigued to see how it plays out...

  3. So do you think since we know Locke is dead, that the "living" Locke is somehow that Esau character? At the end he mentioned the "loophole"... I hope we see more of him and Jacob next season.

  4. I think Locke is dead. Locke will be on the show for the last season, but only as a guise for the Esau dude. It sucks because that means Locke's life was fairly pointless, but that fits in with the entire storyline at this point.

    However, we don't know. It wouldn't make sense if he was alive, but anything is conceivable in LOST.

    I'm hoping they explain why Jacob and Esau hate each other. Also want them to explain why there's a loophole, and how long has Esau attempted to find one? We start with the arrival of the Black Ship, but how long before that has Esau tried to kill Jacob.

    There's so much I want to know. Hopefully they can conclude properly with 17 episodes left.

  5. Locke is dead Producers said there was a "major death" this season, that death was John Locke.


  6. Basically, the finale blew my mind. I'll gather my thoughts later.

    Quick side note, wtf is up with Clayton's hate for Danny Gokey on American Idol? IMO, he was the best this season if not the best contestant ever. So Clayton, if you are reading this, please explain why you hate him so much? Did he rub you the wrong way somehow?

  7. It is great to discuss about LOST. The finale is amazing and I do feel sorry for Locke's fate. I hope his part is not done as he has been touched by Jacob, therefore Locke is not only favored by Esau but the bright side too.