April 2, 2009

"Bruno" Has A Trailer, Still Not Coming To Theaters Unless It Tones Down The Material

Sacha Baron Cohen's follow up to Borat is now available in abridged, teaser-like form for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy:
-Looks like it has plenty of potential to me. Even if it didn't quite grab me in the same way that the trailer for Borat did, I have faith. What do you guys think?


  1. I know I'm in the minority, but I really don't like Cohen, at least this type of humor. To me, Borat was only just a display of "gotcha" moments to make people let down their guard and look a little silly at their expense. This movie looks just the same speed, and if that's all it is, then I'm not going to be hugley invested.

  2. Bruno has always been my favorite charater of his, so I'm quite excited for this. Even more so than Borat. I kinda hope that this isn't as popular as Borat. The movie got kind of old after everybody quoted the movie all the time. It ruined the originality of the comedy. After you hear a joke 100 times, its just not funny any more. Here's to hoping that Bruno bombs, for Bruno's sake.


  3. I can handle it if I know it's contrived, but if people's lives are made difficult just to get a laugh, then I'm at odds with it. The scene with the child at the airport really made me feel unsettled.

  4. Okay I was a bit sceptical about this until i just watched the trailer but the velcro suit and baby O'Jay had me laughing. i think i'll give it a go.