April 1, 2009

Kevin Spacey goes the indie route for his next movie

From Variety:

Kevin Spacey will star in and produce the indie comedy "Father of Invention."
Trent Cooper ("Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector") will direct from a script he penned with Jonathan Krane and Nichole Beattie.
Story centers on a humble inventor-turned-egomaniacal billionaire who loses it all when one of his inventions goes horribly awry. After eight years in federal prison, he returns bankrupt, homeless and determined to rebuild his reputation and fortune.
Trigger Street Prods.' Spacey and Dana Brunetti are producing alongside Krane ("Swordfish") and Ken Barbet. Scott Lumpkin exec produces.
Spacey has several films in the can, including "Men Who Stare at Goats," alongside George Clooney; "Telstar"; and "Shrink."
Trigger Street's producing credits include the films "21" and "Fanboys" and the smallscreen pics "Bernard and Doris" and "Recount."
-Not in love with the director, but I'll refrain from criticism...for now.


  1. Larry the Cable Guy 2, starring Spacey

  2. What happened to Kevin Spacey? A few years ago, this project would have been exciting by sheer value of having his name attached to it. Though it's hard to ignore the appalling director choice. Hopefully he can switch gears a bit.

  3. what do you mean ?Whats wrong with spacey.. pretty obvious the guy is losing it....too many "young bucks"...we dont watch any thing with his name attached to it, not any more.....