May 6, 2009

Ryan Reynolds gets his very own Superhero flick...

...and it's a spinoff of a spinoff. Variety has the scoop:
Twentieth Century Fox has begun development on "Deadpool," an "X-Men" spinoff that will be crafted as a star vehicle for Ryan Reynolds, who played the character in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."
The character is one of the most popular in Marvel Comics' X-Men universe. Deadpool is Wade Wilson, a mercenary who, dying of cancer, submits himself to the Weapon X genetic alteration experiment and emerges as an indestructible semi-sane anti-hero. Reynolds seemed destined to play the character. In one reference in the Marvel Comics, Deadpool is described as a mix between "a Shar Pei and Ryan Reynolds."
In one of the "Easter egg" endings of "Wolverine," Deadpool is seen rising from the rubble and whispering "Shhh" to audiences.
The film will be produced by Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel.
Fox is also in the formative stages of a "Wolverine" sequel that will encompass the samurai storyline that was hinted at as Wolverine sat in a bar in Japan as the film concluded (Daily Variety, May 4).
Separately, Fox is developing "Magneto," a film about the X-Men villain with a script by Shelton Turner, and "X-Men: First Class," which Josh Schwartz is penning.
Reynolds next stars with Sandra Bullock in the Anne Fletcher-directed "The Proposal," which Disney releases June 19. He also completed the Kieran and Michele Mulroney-directed "Paper Man."
-He fits the character it seems, so nothing against this, though it better be good if it doesn't want to be seen as a huge misfire in a year or two...what do you think?


  1. He was the worst part (aside from plot & dialogues) in Wolverine!!!

    Say No to unneccesary spin-offs!!!!

  2. I disagree Reynolds was fantastic he WAS Deadpool he played the part perfectly and I love the character and the end of X-Men Origins shows maybe they will do the breaking the fourth wall character attribute, can't wait...wonder whos gonna direct?

  3. Oh. My. Actual. God. Ryan Reynolds as a superhero? Mmmmmmmm . . . .

  4. Ryan Reynolds was terrific as Deadpool in the beginning of Wolverine. I am excited for this movie and hope that they have a better script.


  5. the script and director will make or break this

  6. I think they are getting a little carried away with X-Men prequels/sequels/spin-offs. They had a solid trilogy and then they wade X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which although an obvious financial success in my opinion a failure) and they plan to make two other X-Men Origins, and X-Men 4, and now this spin-off. They need to stop while they are ahead or their series is going to lose all respect.

  7. As long as Fox are involved in the xmen movies I doubt any future installments will be any good.