May 20, 2008

DVD Releases for This Week= Go To The Movies!

Yes friends, it's Joey again with the dvd's for the week, and as will be the case more than once this summer, the crop of titles available only encourages you to go to the theaters instead. By process of elimination, this next film is my PICK OF THE WEEK simply because it's the only film here that doesn't suck. It is:

Diary of the Dead

George A. Romero is the master of the zombie movie, and this modern take on the undead rising is unique and chilling. Though not on the level of Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, this definitely is on the level of Day of the Dead and vastly superior to Land of the Dead, so horror fans will like this flick just fine.

If you're in the mood for Indiana Jones, but can't wait a few more days, you can go pick up National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, but that will pretty much only serve to remind you how much better Indy is. We also have Strange Wilderness out, but the less said about that "comedy" the better. Finally, there's a direct to dvd film that is only notable because it includes Richard Gere and Clair Danes in the cast. It's called The Flock, and if any brave soul is willing to watch it and report back, i'll post up your thoughts.

My old school pick for this week is my first documentary choice ever. It's Bowling for Colombine, and the passing of a few years has not dulled the point of this documentary at all. Say what you want about Michael Moore, but he knows how to make an effective film.

Until next week....happy watching!

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