May 22, 2008

Eastwood and the Black Mamba are back!

Clint Eastwood's latest movie is getting rave reviews so far. (kudos to Sasha Stone)

Oh, and the Black Mamba strikes again! Kobe Bryant only had 2 points in the first half, and exploded in the second half with 25. This series is going to be really interesting. I like that the Lakers are playing Duncan single coverage for most of the game. If you watched the Hornets series, they doubled Duncan, and they paid heavily for it. Every person on the Spurs can shoot the 3, so it does not make sense to double Duncan (who is a great passer out of the double). We'll see how the series rounds out. But, I think the Lakers can take it in 6.


  1. I agree with Lakers in 6 and I think t will be Pistons in 7 on the east coast. Champs being Pistons in 6

  2. I really hope you are wrong, but its tough to bet against a team that just spanked the celtics...