September 1, 2008

TDK Hits Half a Billion!

Box Office Mojo currently has it $502,421,000....congrats!


  1. OK Warner Bros, DC Comics, and Legendary Pictures. Now that you are literally swimming in cash, why not use it to make some more DC films?

    Green Lantern, the Superman reboot, and Wonder Woman NEED to be made. and make them in AT LEAST a SIMILAR continuity to Nolan's films, so maybe somewhere down the road, a Justic league film might be made with Christian Bale as the goddamn Batman. ^_^

    Or just do SOMETHING productive!

  2. Oh and Michael Emerson for Riddler please! =]

  3. ooooooh i havent heard of michael emerson for the Riddler. I know for a fact he could pull it off

  4. Yeah. Ben Linus has always struck me a sort of Riddler-esque. That is, the kind of Riddler seen in more modern Batman stories, which he's a criminal, but also a HBIC of sorts. Read Batman: Hush to know what I'm talking about. But at the same time, is a reflection of Batman's intelligence and morality choices. Benjamin Linus is sort of the same way in his relationship with Locke and a few other characters in LOST. That, and Michael Emerson is simply a phenomenal actor. =]