September 28, 2008

Second Curious Case Trailer

If you weren't excited already, here is a brand spanking new Curious Case trailer. I think this film is going to be great! Some people might not like it (something you can say for most films), but it has that aura of a great film. Cate Blanchett looks great as usual, and I hope that Pitt gets some recognition for his role. If Paul Newman taught us anything, it's that being good looking does not have to be a liability or fatal flaw to great acting. Sure, the massive publicity thing hurts Pitt too, but it's time to give the guy a break, and recognize that he is one of the best talents in Hollywood. Anyway, disregard the rant, and enjoy a great trailer.

source: Rope of Silicon

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  1. I seriously think Pitt is on his way to an overdue second nomination. Considering how Fincher is using the face mapping tech to allow Pitt to be the actor playing Button the entire time, he will get the entire film to prove himself. I agree, media exposure and good looks don't mean he's not talented. When given a good role, he really shows a tremendous amount of talent. He was great in Jesse Jame last year, and was hilarious in Burn After Reading this year.