September 9, 2008

Fall For This Week's Few Good DVD Releases!

A poor week once again, but it is September after all, and we're a few weeks away from a very nice week of DVD releases, but for this week, my PICK OF THE WEEK is a visual stimulant and is:
The Fall
The Director of The Cell creates another visual masterpiece, but this one has slightly more substance, and ranks highly this week because of it.
-Also out is Baby Mamma, which is not as funny as it should be, and The Forbidden Kingdom, which is not as much fun as it should be. Both flicks are ok, but are just that.
-Of some note this week are the Blu-Ray release of Cool Hand Luke, which if you don't have, is worth the purchase, and a re-release of The Big Lebowski, which is not a movie I love, but has a large following out there in movie-land.
-My vintage pick this week is a movie that I think holds up insanely well now that it's a few years old. It's Garden State, and Zach Braff's directorial debut still holds a special place in my heart and for those who have never seen it....well, you're in for a quirky treat.
-What will you guys be watching?


  1. The Big Lebowski 2 disc is my choice for this week. Its gonna be a busy fall with all the DVD releases we're getting in the coming weeks.