September 25, 2008

Bill Condon's Newest Production is Oscar!

The Envelope has the details:
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has chosen two award show newbies to produce the 81st annual Academy Awards.Producer Laurence Mark and writer-director Bill Condon, who worked together on the 2006 hit musical "Dreamgirls," were announced today as the producer and executive producer, respectively, for the Oscars, which will be telecast live on ABC on Feb. 22.In an interview, Mark said he thinks it may be a plus that neither he nor Condon have any award show experience, because they can offer a fresh approach."Literally, Bill and I have always had a fun time talking about the Academy Awards shows and would often talk about possibilities," he said. A few months ago, the two ran into academy President Sid Ganis and struck up a conversation about the program. "The next thing we knew, he said, 'Maybe you guys want to do this.' "Mark and Condon hope to liven up the telecast with surprises, though they aren't sure yet exactly what that means. The team would like to celebrate not only the excellence in movies but also the fun and enjoyment filmgoers have had in 2008."I am hoping there is a way to do that," Mark said, adding that these ideas could lure back the Oscars' eroding audience.One of the most difficult challenges Mark and Condon face is finding the perfect host. This year's emcee was Jon Stewart, who earned an Emmy nomination for his work. Mark didn't give any hints about whom they have in mind."The host has to promise some fun and some elegance," he said. "There is a short list we will sort of labor over."
-Can Bill knock this out of the park?

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