September 21, 2008

Emmy Chat!

Hey all, if anyone has any thoughts on the Emmy Awards, feel free to post them here!


  1. As with any award show, it was just okay. A little too many political speeches for me, though. However, there were two highlights of the evening, I thought.

    1) The exchange between Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrel concerning his missing Emmy. That was priceless and I was in tears laughing so hard. Gervais can make any mondane situation become comedic gold.

    2) Don Rickles basically abandoning the teleprompter in favor of his old humor as Kathy Griffin is powerless to stop him (her yelling the order "Get Up!" to the crowd as Rickles walked on stage was funny too).

    I also wish Tom Wilkinson could have been at the ceremony. I love him, and would have loved to hear him speak.