September 10, 2008

The Soloist Trailer

-Looks like Downey is a lead for this....wonder what that does for his Oscar chances between this, Iron Man, and Tropic Thunder.....any thoughts?


  1. Interesting.

    He might be able to pull a Jaime Foxx, and get a nod for supporting and best acting. We'll see. I hope he gets his due though. He deserves some love. This year is going to be tough in terms of best acting. Its certainly going to be tighter than last year's race.

  2. I think he'll get thrown a supporting bone for "Tropic Thunder."

    Lead Actor is just so deep this year it's going to take knock-out performances to make the final five.

    In a weaker year (I know, when has there really been a weak year for actors?) he might get in, but with so many possibilities coming up this fall (Langella, DiCaprio, Mortensen, Rourke, Penn, Pitt, Foxx...) it's really had to fit him in.

  3. this year, i'll be happy if Downey gets some love as well as Rourke

  4. Yea I think Downey deserves reocgnition but so does Pitt and Langella and so many other...unlike last year when DDL was jsut a lock cuz hes DDl this year we have real competition in the Male categories its gonna be a tough one...Jamie looks fanstasic too.


  5. I suspect that they'll push him into best Supporting, and that he has a great chance in that category (depending on the competition of course). I don't see it for Tropic Thunder, even though he deserves it. Comedies are always a tough sell. I think it'll be more like PS Hoffman last year where he has three great performances in the year and he gets the one nod that sort of represents all of them.

  6. Hopefully Robert Downey Jr. gets a nomination. The only thing that could stand in the way is that Joe Wright's films tend to be nominated as a whole, not much in the acting categories, like Atonement last year.