September 2, 2008

"Promoting" This Week's DVD Releases!

On this, the first week back to school for me and a host of other college undergrads, my PICK OF THE WEEK is a dramedy about the horrors of competing for that elusive promotion in the ranks of the job market. It is:
The Promotion
This is a very low key film, but it's a very good one. The characters come off as authentic, and it's the rare competition film that has no bad guys. Both men are good and either one would deserve the job. It all adds up to something well worth watching.
-Also out this week is Married Life, which has a host of good performances but seems like something less than what it should be, the comedy Outsourced, which has a good concept but doesn't fully execute on it, Then She Found Me, which was Helen Hunt's debut as a filmmaker and is uneven and frustrating, though not a complete failure, and Reprise, the drama from Norway, which is interesting and decent, but the second best movie out this week solely by proxy.
-My vintage pick this week is Punch-Drunk Love. The ultimate Adam Sandler comedy (even though it turns the Adam Sandler comedy on its head), this film is compulsively watchable and will never lose its genius.
-What will you guys be watching?


  1. love love love punch drunk love, the only movie i actually like adam sandler, well that and wedding singer =)

    well i'm going back to school soon so i'm thinking i'm going to watch kill bill and the hours...i always end the summer with those movies, i don't know why lol

  2. end the summer with The Hours? Kind of a depressing movie to watch to end something so great lol

  3. i know, i'm weird lol, but i've done that for the past 3 years

  4. Eh, a boring week for dvd releases, IMO. Next week is when the dvd madness begins. Big Lebowski 2 disc edition, which of course is perfectly timed to cash in on the release of Burn After Reading. After that, there's pretty much a worthy purchase every week.