September 16, 2008

Snow Comes Early With This Week's DVD Picks!

It may still be on the warm side outside, but when it comes my PICK OF THE WEEK, the only heat is coming from the top notch performances in the movie. The flick/pick is:
Snow Angels
This film by David Gordon Green is a downer, but the performances are across the board fantastic. Sam Rockwell, Kate Beckinsale, and Olivia Thirlby particularly stand out in this drama that hits all the right notes.
-Also out this week well worth a look or a purchase is the very pleasing senior citizen musical documentary Young@Heart, the Tim Robbins anti sound pollution film Noise, the Matthew Broderick Vegas-set dramedy Finding Amanda, the visual porn that is Speed Racer, and the straight to DVD film Tortured, which is better than you'd expect, especially the lead performance by Cole Hauser.
-The films out this week that aren't quite on the level we'd hope are the Mike Myers misfire The Love Guru, the Al Pacino whodonit 88 Minutes, and the rom com known as Made of Honor. None are absolute pieces of trash, but all are definitely missing quality.
-My vintage pick is actually getting a new release this week, so it makes for an easy selection. It's Risky Business and as a big Tom Cruise fan, I love him in this. Anyone who's never seen this has a new chance this week.
-What are you guys watching?


  1. going to watch Run Lola Run tonight, haven't seen it in a looong time and i love it. also going to pick up season 1 of Pushing Daisies!! which is one of my new favorite shows, going to pick up The Fall too, (what can I say, I love Lee Pace!)

  2. Ooooh, I missed Snow Angels in theatres, so I'm gonna have to go find a rental place near me.