September 13, 2008

A Snippet on Revolutionary Road

In case you missed this little piece on Revolutionary Road. What an active week it has been? I'm definitely looking forward to this year's Oscar Race.


  1. Look great. The script sounds impressive enough, and Kate and Leo have the kind of chemistry that legends are made of.

    It just needs an official trailer and whatnot to get the buzz going.

    Speaking of buzz, anyone else hear about WB's plans to re-release The Dark Knight in early January?

  2. I have indeed. An interesting move, though one wonders if it might not be overkill? Still, it takes care of the early-release problem. I wonder what its prospects may shape up to be beyond the almost given of Heath Ledger and a few Artistic/Techs.

    As for Revolutionary Road, it looks a lot like Little Children. I think it looks promising, but could just as easily become another Revolutionary Road. The whole affair will need to have real social bite to stand out, as the Kate/Leo reunion thing is cute, but offers little substance on its own. The Academy will appreciate strong performances, but the re-teaming alone won't cut it (see Righteous Kill).

  3. Unfortunately (and hopefully) no one will see righteous kill. how many more strikes will we give pacino and deniro? or, are they allowed an infinite amount of them. tough to decide actually.

  4. I'm sorry to rain on everyones parade, but I was kind of looking forwards for this and was extremely disappointed by the trailer!

    It just looks like another period melodrama with few more to it than the reunion of Kate and Leo. Hope I'm wrong but the hole things just looks incredibly ordinary to me... I mean how lame were those dialogues we saw??

    Anyway it is just a trailer anyway and its always better to be disapointed by it than the real thing. Guess i'll just have to wait for it!