January 30, 2009

The Case for "Benjamin Button"

Pretty good read from the Carpetbagger (NYtimes).


  1. A horrible thought. But interesting.

  2. yes i would hate if curious wins

  3. I think it quite possible actually... I've been thinking for a while its going to be Button for best movie and Danny Boyle for director. Slumdog Millionaire is not big enough for Oscar, and this year's nominations show quite clearly Oscar is as conservative as ever.

    This year reminds me of previous years like Best movie Chicago/ director Polansky, or even Best movie Crash/director Ang Lee. And Button is exactly the type of "big movie" the academy would honour with loads of technical oscars leading up to a surprise best picture win...

    If it starts sweeping the techical categories i'm sure it'll go all the way, maybe even taking taraji p henson along for the ride...

  4. Won't be disappointed if Slumdog loses. I see something intriguing in this article's ideas thought. I had thought Babel would have won Oscar; thought Chicago and Sheakespeare in Love wouldn't. This sheds some light on my choices and the eventual winner of the pic nom.

  5. Just found out Britain's Daily Telegraph published a story exposing complaints from the parents of the young actors from Slumdog Millionaire that accuse the film producers of "exploiting and underpaying them".

    I fear this might have an effect on the movie's osacr chances... :s

    Here is the full story : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/4347472/Poor-parents-of-Slumdog-millionaire-stars-say-children-were-exploited.html

    What do you guys think?