January 16, 2009

Vikings vs Aliens!

Well, actually it's called Outlander, but my title sounds better...
-Wow...crazy as all hell, it'll probably be terrible (and has been on the shelf, further making that clear), but I think I need to see it...


  1. I have to say it looks very good in the trailer . . until I squirmed at the sight of the alien spacecraft. How odd that I can accept spacecraft well beyond our time in a modern movie but baulk at it in a movie set hundreds of years ago. Just goes to show I'm as simple as a lot of movie goers whom I'm always deriding!

    Good cast though!

    PS. Couldn't single out the movie it's trying to be . . .

  2. Ah, yes! That was definitely one of the films I was thinking of.

  3. But hopefully it will be better than Alien v Predator II - that was soooooooooooo bad!