January 15, 2009

It's Like Something Out of a Movie...

The plane crash here in New York is pretty freaky, but it's good to know everyone is alive. For those unaware, here's the story quickly:
U.S. Airways flight 1549, with 146 passengers aboard, crashed into the Hudson river on Thursday at about 3:30 p.m.
The plane fell into the river near 48th Street and media, police and rescue teams immediately clogged West Side Highway as onlookers crowded the piers to get a look at the wreckage.
The jet, which survived the landing largely intact, sank into the water until only the tail was left above the waterline.
Live coverage from helicopters and ground crews reported as the passengers -- women and children first -- were herded out of the plane and the frigid water onto life rafts. Those who couldn't get into the boats climbed atop the fuselage and the plane's wings to wait for the next crew to come by.
Passing vessels responded to the plane's distress signal and aided the rescue workers, and by 5 p.m., EMTs on the scene and reporters on the airwaves were tentatively declaring that all the passengers had at least made it off the plane alive, though the extent of the injuries sustained in the crash was unknown.
Media scoured the Manhattan and Jersey shorelines for survivors and eyewitnesses to quote, as helicopters from New York 1 and other outlets flew overhead. As the jet floated downstream escorted by police boats, camera crews, reporters, and paramedics moved alongside it, waiting for developments. TV personalities were in the unique position of having each other to interview -- ABC's Robin Roberts, the AP's Barbara Sambriski, and "Inside Edition" producer Bob Read gave quotes about having seen the crash from their office windows.
On its way from LaGuardia to Charlotte, NC, the plane reportedly ran into a flock of birds shortly after takeoff, resulting in an engine fire. The pilot managed to turn the plane around and fly it into the river, likely saving the lives of his passengers and crew -- a total of 151 people