January 15, 2009

My Own Top 30

Following up on Joey's lead, I thought I'd publish my top 30 as well. Feel free to comment, applaud my selections, send me hate mail, etc.
Without further ado:

1.     Synecdoche, New York
2.     Milk
3.     The Dark Knight
4.     WALL-E
5.     In Bruges
6.     The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
7.     Slumdog Millionaire
8.     Let The Right One In
9.     The Wrestler
10. Changeling
11. Frost/Nixon
12. Rachel Getting Married
13. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
14. The Visitor
15. Revolutionary Road
16. The Reader
17. Happy Go Lucky
18. Gran Torino
19. Snow Angels
20. Religulous
21. Burn After Reading
22. Tell No One
23. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
24. Iron Man
25. Role Models
26. Stop-Loss
27. Doubt
28. Appaloosa
29. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
30. Pineapple Express

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Moral debates? Psychological discussions? Parables? Queries? Leave a comment.


  1. excellent list, well varied, and i loved (almost) every film on it.

  2. you are a fool sir...just kidding

    a gentleman and a scholar, your picks, which I must gloat I had prior access to, are quite good, and even include some that I would in an alternate world include myself...3 cheers sir

  3. I'm glad Snow Angels was on there... I thought that movie was so underrated this year. One of the best, in my opinion...

  4. much more a fan of Joey's list, but it yours was better than Keith's...though I like reading all of you guys on the site...where was Tropic Thunder for you guys?

  5. I was actually not as big a fan of Tropic Thunder as most. I thought Downey was nothing short of brilliant, and thought the spoof trailers at the beginning were gold. But for the most part, the movie itself was too much of a mixed bag, wildly exchanging clever insight with fart jokes. It couldn't find a comedic groove that it wanted to stick to long enough to maintain my interest.

    Michael, I had wanted to see Snow Angels when it first came out (I'm a huge Sam Rockwell fan, plus I love seeing Kate Beckinsale in legitimate roles), but sadly it only lasted a week in my area. I finally caught it on DVD, and found it to be a masterpiece of both independent cinema and as a depiction of real life acted on film. The tone was a bit somber and depressing for it to quite sneak on to my top 10 list (the decision-making there was really tough), but I loved it.