July 25, 2009

Ever wonder what James Cameron thought of 'The Hurt Locker'?

Turns out he's a fan...


  1. Just saw the film today in Dallas now that it finally expanded. I retract any statements about you guys pimping it out. It was worth every single word of praise that has been associated with it. A truly remarkable work and IMO, the best film of the year so far by a country mile. Kathryn Bigelow deserves a Best Director oscar, no question. Peter Jackson and Rob Marshall are the only ones standing in her way at this point IMO. Also, good to see there's no hard feeling between Cameron and Bigelow, considering he dumped her for Linda Hamilton.

  2. indeed, and no hard feelings...any movie that is praised highly always has the potential to dissapoint

  3. I can't believe how good The Hurt Locker truly was.

    I had gotten my hopes up ridiculously high...and it vastly exceeded them.

    I always felt Renner had potential, but WOW. Sadly, name recognition will hurt him, I feel. I think relatively unknown women can win an Oscar before men. (Maybe history says I'm wrong, I haven't researched it much.)

    As for Anthony Mackie...that is a role dreams are made of. I always wondered if he'd do anything with his career, and now he has. Whether momentum can be built is difficult; especially with so few meaty roles for black actors (it's true, don't deny it).

    If only a Scorsese or even a Cameron sees this performance for what it is...then more Oscar-baity roles can follow.

    Bigelow was phenomenal and MUST be nominated for an Oscar. I'd love to see this movie rack up awards, but I really wonder if it can.

    I hate to get depressed thinking about how it might be overlooked, so I'll hold out hope it isn't.

    Fan-friggen-tastic movie.