July 15, 2009

Today's News: 'Bridget Jones' to write a new entry in her Diary, Hugh Jackman comes calling with 'Avon', What's next for Darren Aronofsky, and more...

In the news:

Get ready for more Bridget Jones as a third film is in the works.

Hugh Jackman is an 'Avon Man' it seems.

Darren Aronofsky's involvement with the remake of 'Robocop' could be in limbo (or continue on with a new director), depending on when he gets his supernatural drama 'Black Swan', starring Natalie Portman, off the ground.

It seems as though Stephen Chow will not be Seth Rogen's Kato in the upcoming 'Green Hornet' flick.

Russell Brand gets family friendly by lending his voice to an animated film.

A real good cast is lined up for Stanley Tucci's film that he wrote and will direct.

Emily Blunt will be the female lead in Matt Damon's upcoming sci-fi flick.

Finally, if you're curious about the latest in MPAA ratings, look here.



  1. Adjustments Bureau with Damon and Blunt sounds interesting. This is really OT, but there's news that Cate Blanchett will play Lady Mountbatten in Indian Summer directed by Joe Wright. Awesome blog, btw!

  2. indeed, it's very good casting, and thanks!