July 28, 2009

Unfortunately it's another really poor week for DVD, but I press on nonetheless...

Despite another week of rather crappy releases, I've managed to sift through the waste and come up with a PICK OF THE WEEK, though I will be up front with saying that it's one of the weakest choices that I've ever had to go with. It's:
Bart Got a Room
This indie comedy is rather harmless and only average, except for a wild supporting role by William H. Macy as a wacky father of the protagonist. It's bizarre and often very funny, but take it from me, without his role, the movie would be a waste of time. See it for Macy's performance and enjoy that.
-The rest of the releases this week pretty much make me gag. The highest profile is Fast and Furious, which will likely be on my list of the worst films of the year. I never liked any of the movies in this franchise, but for some reason I liked this one even less. You know if it's for you, so if it's your thing, enjoy...it's simply not mine though (to make a pun, it did a fast job of making me furious...yes, I know that sucked). Moving on, we also have the "comedy" Miss March, though simply calling it a "Miss" is enough for me. Finally, we have Dragonball: Evolution, and I just kept waiting for this to evolve into something besides a piece of crap, but alas, it never managed to.
-Instead of making my normal multiple Vintage picks for a shitty week, I'm going to go back to only recommending one movie, but making it a lower profile one worth seeking out. It's an early Johnny Depp movie called Don Juan DeMarco, and it's simply a joy to watch. Depp and costar Marlon Brando (not phoning it in) have great chemistry, and it elevates this romantic comedy to something that's a mix of a shrink/patient flick and The Princess Bride. It's really rather great stuff.
-What will you be watching this week on DVD?


  1. A little off topic, but I am curious about this. Joey, how do you select your vintage picks? Is there a theme with each week or is it just throwing darts at the DVD shelves?

  2. more or less it's a movie I've recently watched or re-watched on DVD and want to give a shout out to...I've thought about making it a theme, but I was conflicted about what theme to go with, so dart board approach is what I kind of go with...if you have a suggestion, I'm definitely open to it

  3. For me, unless a celebrity death happens, I like looking at what's coming out on the weekend and pick a movie that compliments it. For instance, since Funny People is making a more comedic commentary on stand-up, I think a good serious one would be The King of Comedy, the smaller Scorsese picture with De Niro and Jerry Lewis. That's the system I'd go by, and I think I'll be revisiting that film this week as well.

  4. Good choice, though I'd say that Lenny and Punchline would be apt choices as well