July 24, 2009

Today's Trailers: The Book of Eli, Hot Tob Time Machine, and SAW VI

First up we have next year's Denzel Washington apocalypse drama (that has nothing to do with 'The Road') 'The Book of Eli':

Next we have John Cusack's upcoming comedy 'Hot Tub Time Machine':

And finally we have a teaser for 'SAW VI':



  1. With the change in the site I can only get three quarters of the window to open and show the trailer, so I'm missing a quarter of the size of the trailer. Is anybody else having this problem or is my computer playing up?

  2. some of the browsers aren't reacting well...shoot the Main Page an email and let Clayton know, since we're playing around with new looks and we obviously want one that works well...in the meantime try clicking on the trailer to open it up in a new page

  3. should be better now...let me know though