May 26, 2010

Here are 20 Limited Releases to look forward to this summer... a change of pace from just blockbusters. The Film Stage has the list here, but the ones I'd like to highlight are these 5:
The Extra Man
Get Low
The Kids Are All Right
The Killer Inside Me

-What smaller films are you looking forward to this summer?


  1. It's looking like a very interesting summer film slate, if you ask me...

  2. Good list. I'm personally excited for "Animal Kingdom", "Life During Wartime", and "The Killer Inside Me".

  3. I refuse to miss The Kids Are All Right, and I might check out Cyrus, but I don't have any desire to see the other films listed (especially The Killer Inside Me).

  4. The Kids Are All Right is number one for me, closely followed by I Am Love, and then Cyrus.

  5. The Kids Are All Right, Cyrus, and Get Low are all looking pretty good to me, but the movie I'm really looking forward to is I Love You Philip Morris.


  6. Robbie- Excellent picks as well.

  7. I heard word on IMDb boards that "Love Ranch" will be a summer release. That I am very much looking forward too, mainly cause it looks like a return to true form role for Pesci.

  8. Thanks for posting the list I made and reading The Film Stage!

    @Ben as far as I know Love Ranch is hitting theaters this summer, barely missed the list.