May 28, 2010

Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes to produce a live action TMNT reboot?

That seems to be the plan, according to Collider:

Every once in awhile you hear news that in your wildest dreams you would have never predicted. Today is one of those days.

Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes (Brad Fuller and Andrew Form) are going to produce the live-action reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon! Yes, Platinum Dunes. The guys who make hard R horror movies. Their most recent movie is A Nightmare on Elm Street!

According to Deadline’s story, the producers are meeting with writers in the near future. Which means the project is still in the very early stages.

What is not in the story is what kind of tone they’re going for. Since TMNT is clearly aimed at kids and selling toys, if this is still the plan for the property, this will mark a huge departure for Platinum Dunes.

When we last reported on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the plan was for Paramount to release the movie in 2011 and they were planning on using men in suits like the previous films. Also, the production was thinking about using the same face replacement technology that helped make that Where the Wild Things Are look so damned fabulous. Perhaps they still will.

The other thing to know is Viacom (which owns Paramount and Nickelodeon paid $60 million for the rights to TMNT, which means they are going to get this film made no matter what. More as we hear it.

So what do you all think about the news? Can you imagine Michael Bay’s name in front of TMNT!?

-I'm not sure if I like this, but it could be worse, I guess...thoughts?


  1. I'd hope for more Wild Things than Nightmare, but we'll see...

  2. I can imagine Michael Bay's name in front of any big budget piece of garbage, so yeah.


  3. I gotta say, with the exception of the Nightmare reboot, the films he only produces and doesn't direct have been pretty decent, and far better than what he actually "directs"

  4. I'd like to hear some of your theories on how exactly this could be worse? All I can think of is that the Turtles have remained dormant from pop culture for so long that news of a new entity in the cannon is all but inconsequential.

  5. The CGI TMNT wasn't bad, and it could be worse...if Uwe Boll made it, or if Bay actually directed it.