May 23, 2010

Here are your winners from the 2010 Cannes Film Festival...

...and how did they stack up to my predictions? Well, first let's look at the winners:

Palme d’Or: “Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives”

Grand Prix: “Of Gods and Men”

Best Actor: (tie) Javier Bardem, “Biutiful” and Elio Germano, “La Nostra Vita”

Best Actress: Juliette Binoche, “Certified Copy”

Best Screenplay: Lee Chang-dong, “Poetry”

Best Director: Mathieu Amalric, “On Tour”

Jury Prize: “A Screaming Man”

Camera d’Or: “Año Bisiesto,” Michael Rowe

Best Short Film: “Chienne d’Histoire”

-Well, I certainly did better than I was expecting (my predictions can be found a few posts down), so there's that...thoughts on the winners?


  1. I find it interesting that Another Year didn't do anything with the big awards, but that's Cannes for you...

  2. That is interesting that one of the most talked about films at Cannes ended up not winning any awards.

    However, I think it's safe to say that Bardem is high up in the running for Best Actor this year.

  3. Well, I agree about your first comment, but given the fact that even Cannes didn't fully embrace the film Bardem was in, to say he's high up in the running is something I can't agree with.

    Is he a contender? Most likely...but that's as far as I'll go for now.

  4. Fair enough assessment, but I think that the fact that he has a great history with the Academy makes him up in the running.

  5. Yes and no, since he's won already. A nomination isn't out of the question, but I don't see him winning. I honestly don't see the film making a dent stateside, but I've been wrong before.

  6. For me, Cannes is for controversial films, unfortunately Biutiful has clearly not been the most controversial, however, it remains one of the biggest attractions in this year's films. And I agree with Joshua, that this award puts him(Bardem)very early in the reflector for the Oscar race.
    Biutiful and Fair Game were my favorite of the competition!

  7. What Cannes does is give some idea of what might be on the radar. Bardem is on the radar, but to call him a frontrunner or anything (some have) is very premature to me...

  8. Well if you think about it, to talk about the Oscar in any way is premature, you never know if another actor will pull a Crazy Heart on us, but I do agree that this makes Barden a very early candidate to the nomination. The fact that he won before, and very recently, is something that could work for him or against him. And besides the Cannes very rarely translates the Oscar, they are more of a global festival while the Oscars tries to stay regional when it can.

  9. Agreed that any Oscar talk is premature and that Cannes is not exactly something that automatically translates to Oscar...

  10. I think it´s not difficult for Bardem to get a nomination again. Previous awards always help, but to receive an oscar is another story.
    Anyway he is a great actor and deserves all the awards.