May 15, 2010

Today's Trailers: Charlie St. Cloud, Easy A, and Barney's Version

First up today is the decent looking Zac Efron drama 'Charlie St. Cloud':

Next we have the clever looking comedy 'Easy A':

Finally, we have the teaser for the Paul Giamatti dramedy 'Barney's Version':



  1. I gotta say, I didn't hate any of these trailers...

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing

  3. Indeed. Charlie looks like Zac Efron continuing to try and mature, Easy A looks very witty in a Mean Girls way, and Barney's Version was a perfect teaser, in that I want to see more.

  4. Charlie St. Cloud looks good. Easy A looked really good to me, the trailer got a few laughs. And Barney's Version looked good - love Minnie Driver.

  5. They all look kinda average to me, but Easy A is intriguing simply because it has Emma Stone. I think she's a talented, witty young actress that I'm starting to become a big fan of.