May 20, 2010

IFC Films picks up 'Certified Copy', 'Heartbeats', and 'Prey' for release...

...showing that they're pretty busy at Cannes. Here's the story on the first flick from The Hollywood Reporter:

IFC has scored U.S. distribution rights for Abbas Kiarostami's Festival de Cannes Competition title "Certified Copy," the film's producer and sales agent MK2 confirmed Thursday.

MK2 followed up presales of the film to Australia, Scandinavia, Argentina, Korea and Hong Kong with sales to Australia/New Zealand (Madman), the Nordic countries (Atlantic Film), Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and South Cone (CDI Films), Korea (Yega Entertainment) and Hong Kong (First Distributors) after its official festival screening.

The film, released in Gaul via MK2 on Wednesday, boasted the best opening results ever for a film by Abbas Kiarostami in France with 11,000 tickets sold on its first day in theaters on 101 prints.

And here's what IFC had to say about the other two flicks:

HEARTBEATS is the second film in two years for Xavier Dolan at the Cannes Film Festival where his debut I KILLED MY MOTHER won three of the four awards out of Director’s Fortnight. The film tells the story of Francis (Dolan) and Marie (Monia Chokri) who are good friends. One night, they meet Nicolas (Niels Schneider), a young man from the country who has just settled in Montreal. From encounter to encounter, from moment to moment, troubled by innumerable signs — some real, some imagined — Francis and Marie fall deeper and deeper into a fantastical obsession with him. Soon, they find themsleves on the precipice of a love duel that threathens the friendship they once thought indestructible.

PREY tells the story of Nathan (BEAU TRAVAIL’S Gregoire Colin) who is at a countryside retreat for a Fall family reunion that he expects to be particularly stormy. Claire, his wife, has to announce her pregnancy and there are tough decisions that need to be made to prevent the family’s pesticides business from closing down. But on the first night that the family gathers, a terrorized deer mysteriously attacks Claire’s father. The men decide to venture into the surrounding forest to find the reasons for the animal’s odd behavior. Carrying a shotgun for the first time in his life and witnessing the growing tensions between the men in the family, Nathan soon discovers that hunting season is not over yet. Now they’ve become the prey. Marking the debut film for Antoine Blossier, PREY brings together a special effects team from some of Hollywood’s best films.

-Stay tuned for more acquisitions in the coming days...thoughts?

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