May 22, 2010

Today's Trailers: Going the Distance, Megamind, and Winnebago Man

We start off today with a look at the romantic comedy 'Going the Distance':

After that we have the animated superhero vs supervillain flick 'Megamind':

We wrap up today with the foulmouthed trailer for the documentary 'Winnebago Man':



  1. I must say, I actually enjoyed all three of these trailers...

  2. Megamind looks great, and Going the Distance looks alright

  3. "Going the Distance" looks surprisingly good, "Megamind" is trying way too hard to be "The Incredibles" (although Brad Pitt sounds amazing in it), and "Winnebago Man" looks like another great documentary -- a concept that sounds extremely interesting.

  4. Okay so with Going The Distance I was all like "I'm so not gonna like this" and then I watched it and it made me laugh and now I'm all like "I am so loving this film right now!"