May 17, 2010

Mike Leigh's 'Another Year' is drawing major interest at Cannes!

Deadline has the story:

The Mike Leigh-directed film Another Year is the first Cannes Festival premiere that has sparked interest from the domestic distributor crowd. Everybody got a look at it this weekend, and I'm hearing that Sony Pictures Classics and The Weinstein Company are in the mix and a deal could happen quick. The film that domestic distributors are most eagerly waiting to see is Biutiful, the Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu-directed Spanish language film that stars Javier Bardem. The Babel and Amores Perros is a world class auteur. He's gotten world class deals for his recent movies, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. The herd of domestic distributors for prestige pictures has thinned, and many of the survivors don't usually traffic in foreign language films. Part of the reason is their ancillary output deals exclude subtitled fare.

-Stay tuned to see where the film lands...thoughts?


  1. It's likely to be an Oscar player in a category or two, so who picks it up could be important...

  2. I've seen mixed reactions on Biutiful (though that seems to be the case with most of Inarritu's films), but the raves for Another Year (and Lesley Manville - maybe an update on the predictions chart?) have really interested me. God, I would love to see Mike Leigh get an Oscar.

  3. Indeed, some love it, some hate it (I usually fall into the latter on Inarritu's films, but we'll see).

    Another Year is doing very well, and Manville could be a player, for sure.