May 14, 2010

Jennifer Aniston picks a couple of new projects... of which is the Judd Apatow produced flick with Paul Rudd I posted about previously. Here's the story from Deadline:

Jennifer Aniston is joining two studio comedies. She signed on to join the cast of the Seth Gordon-directed New Line comedy Horrible Bosses. At the same time, Universal Pictures has just acquired Wanderlust, a comic vehicle for Aniston to star in with Paul Rudd. David Wain and Ken Marino wrote the script. The comedy will be directed by Wain, who previously directed Role Models, the comedy that Rudd co-wrote and starred in. Judd Apatow will produce through his Apatow Pictures banner, with Wain, Marino and Rudd also producing. Aniston and Rudd will play a married couple trying to escape the trappings of the city life for a counterculture existence. Production will begin this fall. Aniston is coming off the comedy Bounty Hunter, which has quietly surpassed $130 million in worldwide gross.



  1. Both don't sound like they have potential...

  2. And starring Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green...again!

  3. Well, I think that's slightly harsh and mildly inaccurate, but I do see where you're coming from...