May 8, 2010

Judd Apatow to produce Paul Rudd's next flick from David Wain and Ken Marino...

...which could mean some funny times are ahead. Here's the story from Collider:

If you’re a fan of the movies Role Models, The Ten, and the TV show The State, you’ll be happy to learn Judd Apatow told MTV he’s going to be producing David Wain/Ken Marino’s next movie which will star Paul Rudd. The plan is to shoot this fall and it’ll be officially announced soon. No other info has been released. However, if they’re shooting this fall, the film could be released as soon as next summer. It all depends on special effects and post production.

While some of you might have missed out on Role Models, it’s a very funny comedy that’s definitely underrated. Do yourself a favor and check it out. And it goes without saying The State is worth your time. More as we hear it.

-I liked Role Models, but didn't love it. That being said, I'm always interested in anything Apatow or Rudd get involved in...thoughts?

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  1. Certainly an upcoming comedy project to keep an eye on...