July 26, 2008

The Dark Knight versus The Godfather?

has an interesting debate going on regarding tDK, and it's supremacy over the t250 for the last week. For now, tDK is the top movie over classics like the Godfather, Memento, Shawshank Redemption, 12 Angry Men, and people have naturally rebelled against this. However, there are legions of fans who believe tDK is indeed the top movie of all time. Nonetheless, this ever growing debate has escalated into a full fledge war of words, and prompted IMDB to ask the following question:

"There's been a lot of discussion about The Dark Knight taking over the #1 slot on the IMDb Top 250; do you like it more than The Godfather?

Clearly tDK is a very special movie. It's one of the best films this year, and arguably the best superhero movie to date. However, some fans have become very aggresive in their campaign to assert the greatness of this film, and the inevitable backlash has finally shown itself.

What do you guys think?


  1. It is certainly a great movie, and it is the best picture of it's kind. However, I would argue against it being called the best film of all time. We're all experiencing a high right now from the film, but the history of cinema has given us so much more to appreciate. I would like to see it stay in IMDb's top 10 (even to knock down the excessively high Shawshank), but there are other films that deserve it much more than it.

    And for the record, I LOVE THE DARK KNIGHT.

  2. Yeah, "Doctor Strangelove" is in the top 40. Honestly, I don't know what everyone sees in that film. Is it supposed to be funny?

  3. Well, Dr, Strangelove is actually one of the greatest comedies of all time. But that's beside the point.

  4. "The Dark Knight" is remarkable, but no movie can touch "The Godfather".

  5. I just rewatched the Godfather, and the movie is perfect. I don't understand why people are debating this. I am a huge fan of Batman and the Dark Knight. He is a fascinating hero, but to say that tDK is better than the Godfather baffles me. I suppose I will never understand, but I hate what fanboys have done to tDK. They've blown it up, and know people are extra critical of it. They keep saying just like it for what it is, but when they claim it is better than the Godfather, it's hard to accomplish that.

  6. We just saw it (after waiting a while to a avoid the crowds). It is spectacular, one of the best films in recent years. But number one? Ahead of "Duck Soup" or "Lawrence of Arabia"? Please? (And "WALL-E" was almost as good, but not quite). What a film though.

  7. i dont think so, the dark knight was awesome but the godfather, please, is the godfather!!