July 5, 2008

In Case Hancock Didn't Do It For You...

Joey here, and if Will Smith let you down over the 4th of July, have no fear, because if you live near a market playing The Wackness, go out and see it now! It's very good, and not at all, well...wack. Details to come soon, but suffice to say, this is a very good and very funny indie movie.
-Was Hancock any better than I Am Legend? Please say it was...


  1. Um... I gave I am Legend 8.5/10 and I gave Hancock 6.5/10

  2. I don't know why everyone is ragging on I am Legend like it was this big dud. I thought it was really good and Will Smith did a fantastic job. It was definitely the best adaptation of the story that has been done.


  3. I thought both films were terrible...Hancock annoyed me by taking a fun R rated premise and watering it down to a PG-13 for a bigger audience while making an inferior product...review to follow if I can stand to think about the movie...I Am Legend just had way too many plot holes and frustrated me to no end....

  4. The Wackness though, is everything Hancock isn't....smart, funny, touching, real...I can't talk it up enough

  5. I Am Legend was an embarrassment to the great Richard Matheson.

    Hancock was okay... it didn't really flow well and got a little CG obsessed towards the end. Will Smith was excellent though, which surprised me because normally he's a one-note performer. The major shift in tone didn't really work though.

    I'll try to get to The Wackness, though if any of you live in near NYC the Lincoln Center is having a William Holden retrospective and showing some of his great films (Stalag 17, Sunset Boulevard, etc.) I just saw Bridge on the River Kwai on the big screen and was completely blown away.

  6. first half:
    I Am Legend>Hancock

    second half:
    Hancock> I am Legend

    Both first halves were very good and the second halves were pretty poor. I enjoyed Hancock more though and Will Smith is great

  7. I Am Legend was really intriguing and suspenseful up until the halfway point. Then it started to suck a big fat cocksicle (pardon my french). By the end, it had gone so tragically wrong that I left the theatre with a bad taste in my mouth. Will Smith was great, but even he couldn't save that movie.

    I never had any interest in Hancock, and frankly could see the biggest flaw (indecisive tone) coming a mile away from the first trailer.

    I can't wait to see The Wackness though. I think we get it at my local indie theatre this week, so I'll def be going to that one.

  8. you won't regret seeing The Wackness Myles!