July 13, 2008

R.I.P. Evelyn Keyes (1916 - 2008)


Gone With The Wind star Evelyn Keyes has died of uterine cancer. She was 91.

The actress passed away at her home in Santa Barbara, California on 4th July but the news was withheld until her death certificate had been filed, according to her close friend Allan Glaser.

Keyes played Scarlett O'Hara's younger sister, Suellen, in the 1939 movie and went on to star in a variety of other films including 1949's Mrs Mike and The Seven Year Itch in 1955.

The star, who married four times, counted director John Huston and band leader Artie Shaw among her famous husbands.

After Shaw died in 2004, Keyes sued his estate, claiming that she was entitled to half of it. In July 2006 a jury ruled in her favour and awarded her $1.42 million (GBP711,000).

Her last film appearance was in 1989 in the comedy movie Wicked Stepmother.

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