July 21, 2008

Where Would You Like To See The Caped Crusader Go Next?

Joey here, essentially just opening up the floor for a conversation about what the next Batman film should deal with. What foil for the Dark Knight would you like to see most? Would Robin be a bad idea? What role, if any, should Harvey Dent and The Joker play in it?
-Take it away guys!


  1. I fully trust Nolan to do just about anything right now, but it would make sense for it to stay rooted in reality, as the series has done so far, so hopefully no Man-Bat or Clayface....

  2. i don't know how they'll do it, but i'd love them to adapt Mad Love with the Harley Quinn character as the main villain, or maybe Black Mask. Ra's Al Guhl might show up again but everyone seems to be going for The Riddler which might be interesting and a character a great actor can do a lot with.



    The first step in examining what should happen in the next film is to respond to an apparent controversy as to whether or not Two-Face is truly dead. That was the impression I got, but I've spoken to many people who think he's alive and in jail, and they're covering for him by saying he's dead. I still disagree, but I'll admit it's a tad ambiguous.

    In any case, assuming that Two-Face does not return, and that they don't plan on bringing back the Joker with a different actor (which would be a pretty bonehead play considering Heath's definitive take), and taking into account that Nolan is definitely sticking to the realm of realism, let's examine who could potentially show up:

    The Riddler: The most obvious choice at this point. I'm behind it if they can find a really good actor to wash away memories of Jim Carrey, much like Aaron Eckhart did for Tommy Lee Jones.

    The Penguin: Nolan thinks he's too far-fetched, and has gone on record stating as such. Maybe his human alter-ego could show up as a gangster?

    Harley Quinn: It's possible, but any introduction of her character without including some Joker screentime would be a dicey proposition at best.

    Catwoman: I think she could work very well, especially since Batman now finds himself without a love interest. Again, you need an actress who's both talented and attractive (off the top of my head I'm seeing an Eva Green perhaps).

    Intro to Robin or Batgirl: Bale will boycott a film with Robin in it, and I'd be surprised to see Batgirl come first.

    Black Mask: All of the films have had a prominent gangster villain, and he's a very nice way of killing two birds with one stone in terms of new characters, although he's not as popular with fans as most previously mentioned villains.

    Return of Scarecrow: Certainly possible, but after his pathetic cameo in this film, does he really have anything else to offer?

    I think we can assume that everyone like Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Man-Bat, Clayface, or Bane is out.

    So from the looks of things, Catwoman and the Riddler look like our best bets, though Black Mask is a solid prospect as well. Yes, I've given this some thought....

  4. I say go with the Riddler. It think under the direction of Nolan, Jake Gyllenhaal could be a great Riddler. If not the Riddler then just create a villian like they did for the first one

  5. I'd go with the Riddler or Black Mask with Two Face (assuming he is alive).

    However, I don't want the Riddler to have as much face time as the Joker. I would want him to influence the movie like Kevin Spacey in Se7en (through his riddles).

    The Riddler would be a contract killer however. Hence, you can use another villian (say Two-Face) as the main villian, who hired the Riddler to kill certain people (not sure for what reason).

    They should reveal who the riddler is at the very end of the movie...

    They should also make it Rated R with blood. But that's not going to happen. The man won't allow it.

  6. Ryne

    All of the villians in the first one were in the comic books.

  7. top 3 choices for me:

    1) The Black Mask
    2) The Riddler
    3) Two-Face

    2-part series chronicling the rise of the Black Mask (and Batman's defeat) and his downfall (and Batman's victory). Through Riddler in there as a specialist working for the Black Mask.

  8. should be "throw Riddler" not "through"...


    I do not want Two-Face to return they provided him with a full on character arc...I really like Keith's idea of Riddler not showing his face until somewhere near the end (Guy Pearce for Riddler please!) I also think they should reintroduce scarecrow into the plot with his testing his fear toxin. I loved the hinted subplot in Dark Knight. Scarecrow as seemingly head villain while perhaps Riddler leaves riddles ans the authorities and batman believe it is Joker. As for Joker if they can find a suitible replacement(Joseph Gordon Levitt is the only person I can think of) they should find a way to include him. Like the cops and batman visit him in arkham to ask about the riddles and such...near the end he escapes. I think it would be interesting to set up the idea that for the 4th movie(if they do one) Joker and Riddler work together and play off each other but are always at each others throats or something along those lines...once again as for Dent please leave him dead great character arc and tragedy it will ruin the drama for me a little if he is alive. As for redeeming Batman...I think the people fearing that Riddler is in fact Joker again and Batman isnt involved this time would be a good way to redeem him.


  10. The Dark Knight Returns would have been an interesting direction to go in, not necessarily good or bad, but I doubt they'll do it...for some reason I think the theme of the next one will have to do with redemption

  11. I agree with Joey's comment, and with the guy who says that Two-Face's character arc is complete, so leave him be.

    I would officially like to spearhead a Guy Pearce as The Riddler movement! And I love Keith's idea of keeping him in the shadows a la the killer from Se7en.

  12. I can absolutely see Guy Pierce as the Riddler.

    That would be awesome.

  13. Yea I think Pearce would be phenomenal! He doesn't do enough good work anymore, plus after Mememtno I'm sure he and Nolan will work amazingly well together...