July 22, 2008

Some DVD's to Watch While You Wait to See TDK Again

Hi all, Joey here with my weekly dvd report. It's another disheartening week, but there's one or two bright spots to be had here, and no real awful releases, so that's a start. The Dark Knight is still what everyone should be seeing, but when you're at home, a few of these movies might be able to help you pass the time. My PICK OF THE WEEK is actually a TV series, but based on the multitude of good word I've heard about it, my pick has to be:
This english television show launched the careers of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. If that's not enough for you, Kevin Smith, Diablo Cody, and Quintin Tarantino are huge fans and provide commentary on the episodes. Works for me.
-The card counting movie 21 is out this week also, and while I felt it was slick and soulless Hollywood moviemaking, it wasn't inept or anything, so if you think you might like it, give it a shot.
-Robot Chicken fans and Star Wars fans can rejoice now that the Robot Chicken Star Wars special is available on dvd. I loved the episode but I don't feel any pressing need to own it on dvd...yet.
-Finally, we have John Voight's Mormon western September Dawn. It wasn't good at all, but compared to some of the atrocities that have been put out recently, this seems fair by comparison.
-My vintage pick this week is, in honor of The Dark Knight, Batman Begins. If you haven't seen it yet, I forgive you, but correct that right away!
-What will you guys be watching?

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  1. Spaced really is quite good, i've now seen a whole bunch of episodes, and I like it a lot