July 15, 2008

New Lists

TV Stars-turned Oscar nominees!

Warren Beatty (The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis - Bonnie & Clyde, Heaven Can Wait, Reds, Bugsy)
Ellen Burstyn (The Doctors - The Last Picture Show, The Exorcist, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Same Time Next Year, Resurrection, Requiem for a Dream)
Christopher Walken (The Guiding Light - The Deer Hunter, Catch Me If You Can)
Mary Tyler Moore (The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore Show - Ordinary People)
Judd Hirsch (Taxi - Ordinary People)
Pat Morita (Happy Days - The Karate Kid)
Oprah Winfrey (The Oprah Winfrey Show [Chicago-only] - The Color Purple)
Robin Williams (Mork & Mindy - Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, The Fisher King, Good Will Hunting)
Morgan Freeman (The Electric Company - Street Smart, Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption, Million Dollar Baby)
Denzel Washington (St. Elsewhere - Cry Freedom, Glory, Malcolm X, The Hurricane, Training Day)
Albert Brooks (Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Saturday Night Live - Broadcast News)
Martin Landau (Mission: Impossible - Tucker: The Man and His Dream, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Ed Wood)
Joan Cusack (Saturday Night Live - Working Girl, In & Out)
Edward James Olmos (Miami Vice - Stand and Deliver)
Tom Hanks (Bosom Buddies - Big, Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away)
Dan Aykroyd (Saturday Night Live - Driving Miss Daisy)
Nick Nolte (Rich Man Poor Man - The Prince of Tides, Affliction)
Robert Downey Jr. (Saturday Night Live - Chaplin)
David Paymer (Cagney & Lacey - Mr. Saturday Night)
Clint Eastwood (Rawhide - Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby)
Emma Thompson (BBC's Tutti Frutti - Howard's End, In the Name of the Father, The Remains of the Day, Sense and Sensibility)
Marisa Tomei (A Different World - My Cousin Vinny, In the Bedroom)
Leonardo DiCaprio (Growing Pains - What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Aviator, Blood Diamond)
Stockard Channing (Sesame Street - Six Degrees of Separation)
Rosemary Harris (Notorious Woman, Holocaust - Tom & Viv)
Helen Mirren (Prime Suspect - The Madness of King George, Gosford Park, The Queen)
Kevin Spacey (Wiseguy - The Usual Suspects, American Beauty)
Woody Harrelson (Cheers - The People Vs. Larry Flynt)
Helen Hunt (Mad About You - As Good as It Gets)
Barbara Hershey (The Monroes - The Portrait of a Lady)
Greg Kinnear (The Greg Kinnear Show, Talk Soup - As Good as It Gets)
Burt Reynolds (Riverboat, Gunsmoke, Dan August, B.L. Stryker, Evening Shade - Boogie Nights)
Judi Dench (As Time Goes By - Mrs. Brown, Shakespeare in Love, Chocolat, Iris, Mrs. Henderson Presents, Notes on a Scandal)
Julianne Moore (As the World Turns - Boogie Nights, The End of the Affair, The Hours, Far From Heaven)
Hilary Swank (Beverly Hills, 90210 - Boys Don't Cry, Million Dollar Baby)
Haley Joel Osment (Sesame Street, The Jeff Foxworthy Show - The Sixth Sense)
Will Smith (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Ali, The Pursuit of Happiness)
Halle Berry (Living Dolls, Knot's Landing - Monster's Ball)
Queen Latifah (Living Single - Chicago)
Bill Murray (Saturday Night Live - Lost in Translation)
Patricia Clarkson (Murder One, Six Feet Under - Pieces of April)
Alec Baldwin (The Doctors, Knots Landing, Saturday Night Live - The Cooler)
Johnny Depp (21 Jump Street - Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Neverland, Sweeney Todd)
Jamie Foxx (In Living Color, The Jamie Foxx Show - Ray, Collateral)
Alan Alda (M*A*S*H, The West Wing - The Aviator)
Don Cheadle (Picket Fences - Hotel Rwanda)
Thomas Hayden Church (Wings - Sideways)
George Clooney (ER, Roseanne, The Facts of Life, Sisters - Syriana, Michael Clayton)
Felicity Huffman (Sports Night, Desperate Housewives - Transamerica)
Michelle Williams (Dawson's Creek - Brokeback Mountain)
Eddie Murphy (Saturday Night Live - Dreamgirls)
Jennifer Hudson (American Idol - Dreamgirls)
Adriana Barraza (numerous Spanish soap operas - Babel)
Hal Holbrook (Mark Twain Tonight!, The Bold Ones... - Into the Wild)
Amy Ryan (The Wire - Gone Baby Gone)
Ruby Dee (Peyton Place, Roots: The Next Generation - American Gangster)

can anyone think of others?

Worst Film Careers for Oscar nominees!

Marlon Brando (duh....only stuff after 1990)
Ivan Jandl (The Search)
Jocelyne LaGarde (Hawaii)
Ronee Blakely (Nashville)
Sylvester Stallone (Rocky)
Quinn Cummings (The Goodbye Girl)
Christopher Walken (The Deer Hunter, Catch Me If You Can)
Justin Henry (Kramer vs. Kramer)
Diana Scarwid (Inside Moves)
Margaret Avery (The Color Purple)
Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction)
Melanie Griffith (Working Girl)
Kevin Costner (Dances with Wolves)
Lorraine Bracco (Goodfellas)
Michael Lerner (Barton Fink)
Jaye Davidson (The Crying Game)
Jennifer Tilly (Bullets Over Broadway)
Cuba Gooding Jr. (Jerry Maguire)
Roberto Benigni (Life is Beautiful)
Janet McTeer (Tumbleweeds)
Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense)
Angelina Jolie (Girl, Interrupted)
Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile)
Kate Hudson (Almost Famous)
Halle Berry (Monster's Ball)
Felicity Huffman (Transamerica)
Eddie Murphy (Dreamgirls)
Penelope Cruz (Volver) - American-based career

Name some others...


  1. TV Stars to Oscar Nominees:

    -Jennifer Hudson: American Idol-Dreamgirls
    -Russell Crowe: Neighbours-The Insider, A Beautiful Mind and Gladiator
    -Heath Ledger: Home and Away-Brokeback Mountain
    -Naomi Watts: Home and Away-21 Grams
    -Fernanda Montenegro: Portuguese soap operas (Zaza)-Central Station
    -Salma Hayek: Spanish soup Operas (Teresa)-Frida
    -Sally Field: Sybil-Norma Rae and Places in the Heart
    -Rosie Perez: In Living Color-Fearless (I'm not sure about her because she was the coreographer)

    Worst Career Oscars:

    -Nicole Kidman (Her Only good film and performance post Oscar was Dogville)
    -Dan Aykroyd
    -Hilary Swank (Maybe she needs a second comeback)
    -Rosie Perez
    -Chazz Palminteri

  2. David Strathairn - Big Apple - Good Night, and Good Luck.