July 15, 2008

One of the Worst Weeks for DVD Releases in a Looong Time...

Joey here, though I may as well not be, since there are pretty much no films worth looking at this week. This is a sad week, most likely to make sure people go see The Dark Knight (and to a lesser extent Mamma Mia and perhaps even Space Chimps), and to further prove that, the PICK OF THE WEEK is only a decent film:
Meet Bill
Almost nobody saw this Aaron Eckhart film about a loser getting his life together, and while it's not so great, it's the best thing out this week. Take that as you will.
-The Bank Job was fair, but nothing more, and the scary thing is that it's by far the best of the remaining bunch.
-College Road Trip should have embarrassed Martin Lawrence into retirement, Step Up 2 The Streets made me long for the original Step Up (if that's humanly possible), Shutter was a sad excuse for a horror film, and i'm still not sure how so much talent got involved in such a huge misfire as Penelope was.
-Just to give people something to hang onto this week before we all see The Dark Knight, and my older movie picks are going to just be a list of some movies that I have been watching a lot of lately and are all far better than what we have available this week:
Charlie Bartlett
Ghosts of Mississippi
Wolf Creek
Rocky Balboa
any of these films would satisfy you far more than what is out this week...
-So, who's ready for some Batman?

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  1. I just went through this week's releases again...brought me almost to tears....sad, just sad