July 19, 2008

Multiple Acting Nods for TDK?

Joey here, and not to disrespect Heath Ledger in any way, I think that both Aaron Eckhart and Gary Oldman are completely worthy of supporting acting nods as well. They were all brilliant. If the Academy goes Bat-crazy, we could see The Dark Knight up there with Titanic (and All About Eve...they both got 14) in terms of total nominations.
-Let me start the FYC ads off right:
For Your Consideration:
Best Picture
Best Director- Christopher Nolan
Best Screenplay (original?)- Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan
Best Actor- Heath Ledger
Best Supporting Actor- Gary Oldman & Aaron Eckhart
Best Original Score- James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer
Best Cinematography- Wally Phister
Best Film Editing- Lee Smith
Best Art Direction- Nathen Crowley
Best Costume Design*
Best Sound*
Best Sound Mixing*
Best Visual Effects*
Best Makeup*
*not sure who'd get the nomination
-overall, it probably won't get all 15, but it could scoop up 10 easily...time will tell
What do you guys think?


  1. What about Bale? He deserves an oscar nom after all these years too!

  2. he definitely does, and while he's very much the glue that holds it together, he has the least baity role...his time will definitely come though

  3. the academy will forget about this come fall. i think that Heath Ledger deserves a nomination, but I think thats all the academy will reward besides special fx and sound.

  4. that's a distinct possibility as well, but it could also break through the wall of being just a superhero movie like Silence of the Lambs did for horror or The Departed did for violent action-y films....we shall see

  5. Joey you read my mind! Eckhart and Oldman should also be up for consideration! They are both phenomenal and Heath and Bale were both in this about the same amount thye should put heath in lead so eckhart and oldman can get votes as well!!!!! MASTERPIECE one of the best films ever made!!!!

    -Andrew(from the message boards)

  6. People seem to forget also that Silence of the Lambs was released in January, Fargo in March, Gladiator in May. The academy does not forget GREAT movies.

    As for adapted vs. original, I think it would be adapted because it is based off the characters from the comic book series. Much like Borat was considered adapted b/c it was based off the character created in Da Ali G Show.

    I think the academy is more likely to reward Heath Ledger in supporting because he would have a better chance winning there. Also, Eckhart would get the nod over Oldman. Poor Gary Oldman just gets outshined in everything he does.

  7. thank you andrew, and yes ryne, i agree out Oldman

  8. any idea when predictions will be updated Joey?

  9. i would say that in the next week or so we should have some updates to the site, predictions included (some new reviews, etc)...but I can't promise anything...all depends on when Clay gets to a computer

  10. I would love nothing more than to see this film get every nomination it deserves (though I suspect Heath will be pushed to Supporting Actor no matter which way you play it). However, it is a sad truth of the Academy that there is often a gap between films that genuinely deserve nominations and films that get them. With almost half the year left to go, I don't want to get my hopes up too early. For the record though, I am behind this film sweeping the Oscars 100%, and I especially love that others agree how amazing Aaron Eckhart was. (Oldman was fantastic also, but there's no practical way he would get nominated for this. Like Bale, we can only hope that he gets there one day).

    In terms of updates, I'd just to say that while I'm not sure what's up with Clayton, I have been continuing with my Big Opening articles and sending them in, so presumably the last two weeks will be uploaded (along with new predictions!), as soon as our fearless leader returns to us.

  11. indeed....I assume Clay is just on vacation or something of the sort...I've sent in a few reviews (The Wackness and The Dark Knight) and they should hopefully go up soon as well

  12. yeah, i would like to see the predictions updated with the possible noms mentioned in this blog post. =]

  13. I think they have a great shot for nominations (But I also considerate Heath ledger needs to win in supporting cateogry-not because he didn't deserve it, because is a weak category instead the lead)... at first view it's not a "Oscarish" film, but the Academy goes crazy sometimes (The silence of the Lambs, Erin Brockovitz, Gladiator, La vie en Rose) and think it about it (They need publicity and audience, so why not this film?)

  14. I honestly think we might be getting ahead of ourselves here. While The Dark Knight was a very good film, I don't think it warrants all those nominations. I think Ledger will sneak in a nomination, there could be a screenplay nomination, and some in the special effects categories, but I don't think it will get into best picture and multiple acting categories.

    I'm not saying I didn't like the film, because I did, I just think after opening weekend excitement wears off, it will go down as a very good superhero flick, probably the best yet, but not quite an academy award contending film.

  15. but lets not forget the the 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and it currently holding the #1 spot all-time on imdb now.

    I don't think Ledger's nomination should be any kind of sneaking, in that it is the second consectutive year that you have a villian of all-time stature. As for its July release, along with the other movies named above Crash won in 2005 and was released in May. It all just depends on the year and the film.

  16. I'm not sure if it will get multiple acting awards. I do agree that the acting was great across the board, but Heath stands out, and he will be the lead for best supporting. I'm pretty confident they want reward more than 1 person for best supporting. If Heath does get a best acting nod, then maybe...but it seems unlikely.

    I hope it does get a best pic nod if its one of the best films after oscar season. As of now, it is one of the best, but we still have a slew of films coming out in the next four months. So, we should probably hold our horses until then.

  17. Ledger is going supporting, not lead.

  18. clay has put it up in the predicted 5 for the moment, so we'll see who else follows suit in the coming days

  19. also...everyone take notice that IMDB has it on the top 250 of all time...as #1 no less...wow

  20. You can't trust IMDB these days. Wall-e opened up at number 6 and its now down to like 22 last time I checked. I think once its been out for a while the excitement will die down. Time shall see.

  21. I'm pretty sure that "The Dark Knight" can't get nominated for score because it has two composers. It's an academy rule and pretty stupid one too :(

  22. The Dark Knight is the best movie this summer by far and does deserve all the predicted nominations. Hollywood is too quick to ignore superhero films, but I feel The Dark Knight will finally break that trend. Heath Ledger should win an oscar, regardless of which category! His performance was top notch, he put everything into playing the joker and made Jack Nicholson's version look like Ronald McDonald.