July 17, 2008

New Trailers! Behold!

Joey here, with a few highly anticipated trailers!

-First, Watchmen, the highly anticipated adaptation by Zack Snyder of the graphic novel

-Next we have the link to Ridley Scott's new film, Body of Lies, starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Russell Crowe:


-What do you guys think of these two trailers?


  1. Watchmen looks amazing. The trailer for Body of Lies honestly confused the hell out of me. From what I gather, its about a guy (Russel Crowe) who starts these covert operations/wars and then leaves his men (Leo) to die. But Leo finds out the truth of the operation?

  2. Watchmen looked good but Body of Lies just lost points with that trailer, for me it looked like every other movie with man screwing over another and said screwed man fights back. It looked bland, but it was the first trailer and it has good people, so heres to hope.

  3. pretty much my thoughts as well...but trailers sometimes leave a lot to be desired in terms of the final product, so we shall see

  4. Watchmen look fantastic, but dunno if it can reached the height of 300. As for Body of Lies.. i think the movie is just gay.. In that trailer Leo act very similar to his some past movies, and it STINKs! Do you think that acting angry and beating up people is a good choice for a charismatic actor. He should learn to expand his horizon like Heath Ledger. For me , he ssems to choose only serious adult drama movies . He is too picky about genre.

    I think genre is no problem, because what defines a movie is not only its genre and The dark Knight & LOTR has proven that.

    Don't get me wrong i like dram too, in fact i like Leo in Movies like catch me if u can, aviator, and departed .. but If he keep continue playing movie acting that way.. it's getting stale and he will soon be regarded as untalented actor who don't have wings for expansion